We provide services and projects with over 30 Nuclear Experts with extensive expertise.

Henkilökuva Hannu Torniainen

Manager, Delivery Projects

Hannu Torniainen

Equipment & Systems

Profile picture of Herkko Pirkkalainen

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Herkko Pirkkalainen

Plant Life Management

Profile picture of Janne Matilainen

Chief Design Engineer

Janne Matilainen

UF6 Solutions
Design & Engineering
Equipment & Systems

Juha-Pekka Hyvärinen

Senior Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Profile picture of Kimmo Hilden

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Kimmo Hilden

Radiation Safety

Profile picture of Maria Nordlund

Manager – Licensing & Qualification, Leading Expert

Maria Nordlund

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
Requirement Management
Quality Management
Project Management

Profile picture of Pekka Pihlanko

Senior Expert – Nuclear and I&C Qualification

Pekka Pihlanko

EI & C
Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification

Profile picture of Petri Koivunen

Expert – Radiation Safety and Nuclear Engineering

Petri Koivunen

Radiation Safety

Profile picture of Toivo Kivirinta

Leading Expert – Safety & Quality

Toivo Kivirinta

Safety Analyses & Independent Reviews
Safety Culture
Management Systems & Audits

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Profile picture of Tomi Pakarinen

Expert – Process Modelling & Safety Analyses

Tomi Pakarinen

Process Modeling

Profile picture of Vesa Laitinen

Expert – RadWaste & Ageing Management

Vesa Laitinen

Radioactive Waste Management
Final Disposal (Spent Fuel and LILW)
Nuclear D&D
Ageing Management