Hannu ended up in the nuclear industry in 1999 due to the excellent sales pitch of Kalevi Puukko, the founder of Platom. Back then the company was still a part of Rejlers Engineering. Hannu has worked on device delivery projects all the way from the beginning, first as a project engineer and later as a project manager.

B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Production Technology


Hannu first worked in the nuclear industry from 1999 to 2002 after which he spent a two-year period in other industries. He returned to Platom in 2004 searching for interesting tasks and a challenging operational environment. Good experiences from Platom’s excellent work atmosphere also played a big role in his return. Platom’s UF6 handling device design, procurement and deliveries to clients both domestically and internationally have been Hannu’s responsibility. Designing and delivering special devices has also built up his experience in several branches of technology.

Special devices and systems
Prjocet management