Pekka works in the nuclear industry because safety and precision requirements, and long-term projects are a natural fit for him. At Platom Pekka works as an expert in design and assembly of safety classified I&C systems. Licensing and qualification of devices and systems is closely related to this. Pekka has a passion for working at challenges in complex modification planning.

M. Sc. EI&C, Nuclear Engineering
Safety Classified I&C-systems


Pekka has worked in the nuclear industry since 2007 when he worked in I&C maintenance at a nuclear power plant. Ever since then he has stayed persistently in the nuclear industry. Pekka did his master’s thesis in 2013 about renewal of reactor I&C. After that he has mostly done safety classified modification projects for nuclear power plants. The modifications have mainly centred on I&C but Pekka has also had tasks on the mechanical side, such as modernization of nuclear fuel handling devices.