More than 600 Projects in Nuclear Sector

Our humble beginnings reach back to the 1990’s, and to the field of radioactive waste management; our projects included technical consultancy, technical support of waste system modernizations, decommissioning plans and waste treatment studies. From the beginning we have also designed and delivered UF6 solutions around the world in the form of different autoclaves.

Our process modelling and analysis projects began in the mid-2000’s when Platom’s APROS-expertise began to grow. Modelling and analysis projects have been carried out on a yearly basis since then. Radioactive waste management projects have also continued steadily, and that expertise has expanded to include decontamination and final disposal of radioactive waste. This expertise has also been used to support related equipment design and delivery. In the last decade, Platom’s EI&C expertise has grown significantly and started our EI&C-projects. In the last few years, several new areas of expertise have appeared in Platom’s portfolio, with many new projects completed or ongoing in the fields of plant life management, radiation safety and licensing.

Today we provide services to all parts of the life cycle of a nuclear power plant, through our three main business units. Licensing, Qualification & Authority Requirements, Plant Safety & Optimization and Equipment & System Deliveries produce dozens of projects each year to meet the needs of the nuclear industry and other demanding regulated environments.

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