Herkko has always been interested in technology and that led him to begin his M. Sc. studies in Energy Technology studies at Lappeenranta University of Technology. Being an interesting field of study and having good employment possibilities, nuclear engineering became his main subject. At Platom Herkko has been working as an expert in the Plant Life Management -team. He does plant life management for our customers such as ageing management programs and ageing evaluations.

M. Sc. Energy Technology, Nuclear Engineering


Herkko has worked in the energy industry since 2012 when he started summer job at a natural gas compressor station. Herkko started at Platom 2017 as a trainee and did his master’s thesis about Utilizing Machine Learning in Nuclear Power Plant Lifecycle Management. After his graduation Herkko has continued his work in the Plant Life Management -team and he is also becoming an expert in licensing and qualification.