Plant Life Management

Platom has several years of experience in managing the life cycle and ageing of nuclear facilities. Our experts are able to support our customers both in the planning and development of high-level strategy and processes, as well as in the detailed identification and monitoring of ageing phenomena.
We also have experience in meeting official requirements and integrating IAEA guidelines into facility-level ageing management. We are able to prepare or evaluate the materials required by the YVL instructions (A.8), such as an aging management program, as well as search for, process and compile device location-specific data defined by the requirements.
The service is offered for all phases of the nuclear facility’s life cycle. We are able to build a new lifecycle management process and meet, for example, the requirement of the operating permit phase, or develop and update an existing one during the operating phase, tailored to customer needs. We have experts in ageing management both at the process level and at the equipment level (mechanical, electrical and automation equipment).
The biggest advantage of Platom’s plant life management team is especially the usability of the organization’s extensive experience and multidisciplinary know-how, which enables us to handle both large entities and projects focused on well-defined areas of special expertise.


As an essential part of the ageing management of facilities, Platom’s experts also carry out evaluation, planning and development of the facilities’ condition and maintenance. We can examine the coverage of maintenance from the point of view of managing the lifetime of the entire plant and evaluate its coverage and possible deficiencies that can be cor-rected to improve the usability or reliability of the equipment.
Maintenance analyzes include evaluation of maintenance programs against identified ageing phenomena, failure history, or other data describing usability. Depending on the scope of the analysis, we also look at different maintenance methods: temporary, pre-ventive and measures related to condition monitoring.
In addition, our experts support our customers in preparing and updating plant mainte-nance programs. We have also studied maintenance optimization options using, for ex-ample, artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Plant Development

Platom’s experts support our customers in various phases and projects of the develop-ment of a nuclear facility, offering technical expertise, project management, requirements management, quality management and other essential services for plant development. The Operability team works closely with other Platom teams, forming a case-by-case customized project team according to customer needs. We can flexibly offer support from individual expert resources to larger project teams.
Our experts have extensive experience in plant development projects, starting from pre-liminary studies, to more detailed technical studies and suitability assessments, to solu-tion planning and system deliveries.

RSE Services

Our Radiation Safety Experts (RSE) have qualified themselves in the field of nuclear energy radiation. They can help you meet the requirements of the Finnish Radiation Act in regards to the safety license for use of radiation. We always tailor our service to meet the demands of our individual customers, in order to best reflect the type and scope of your operations.

Read more about RSE services.

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