Platom Ltd. participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai

Published 08.11.2019

In 2020 United Arab Eirates will host the next World Expo in Dubai, one of the fastest growing technology capitals of the world. The Dubai Expo Fair will start in October 2020 and countries throughout the world are represented. Dubai and the whole UAE have been preparing for Dubai Expo 2020 for several yeas already, and on-going projects in the region include the construction of the entire Expo area, a whole new metro line and several new architectural wonders.

Reactor Physics, the Core Business at NPP

Published 09.10.2019

What differentiates nuclear power plants from others is that primary energy release takes place by fission reactions. Although other types of reactors exist, the vast majority of today’s commercial NPPs use solid state nuclear fuel to heat fluid that finally causes ordinary steam to turn a turbo-generator set.

(Hu)man in the loop

Published 30.07.2019

As we know, technology is “hard” and human behaviour is “soft”. In the following text, I try to review few essential points about how interaction between soft and hard parties are handled in the nuclear domain – or how it should be.

We are all in one boat – United by Chernobyl

Published 13.06.2019

Chernobyl – What comes to your mind of the word? A small town in Ukraine? Name of the popular TV series? Something bad that happened in the 80s? The worst nuclear accident ever to strike humankind?

It’s hard to be humble when you’re a Finn

Published 12.04.2019

Before my international relocation to the Middle East I used to work in a multi-cultural Nuclear Power Plant project in Finland. The company I worked for back then had around 15 different nationalities and the spoken language was English. I thought I knew what a multi-cultural working environment meant, but boy was I wrong!

Nuclear Power and the Fight against Climate Change

Published 23.10.2018

The recently published international climate report, which was widely discussed in media, paints a dismal picture of our future, unless we manage to control our greenhouse gas emissions. Most significantly, we need to control the emissions of the traffic and energy sectors. The role of renewable energy is stressed, but one must not forget the benefits of nuclear power in the fight against climate change.