Vesa’s spark towards nuclear power ignited during a high school course in nuclear physics. Vesa thinks that there is something magical in nuclear power. It is astonishing that you can safely control particles which are so tiny they can’t be observed with human senses, harness their potential through complex processes and produce huge amounts of energy. As expert in nuclear engineering Vesa works amidst many topics, but radioactive waste management has probably become the discipline of most personal interest. His job has mainly consisted of writing technical expert reports, which have aimed to improve the safety, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness of waste management technologies used by clients.

Master of Science in Engineering – Energy Technology & Nuclear Engineering


Vesa became familiar with the practical aspect of nuclear power during his studies when he worked as radiation protection technician at different sites. After finishing his master’s thesis for Platom in 2017 he jumped in the team full-time and continued with assignments related to radioactive waste management and nuclear power plant ageing management. Ever since he has gained experience also in radiation safety and pre-feasibility studies of varying topics.