Finnish Nuclear Science and Technology Symposium 2019

Published 11.11.2019

Platom participated in the second Finnish Nuclear Science and Technology Symposium, arranged in Helsinki on October 30th – 31st, 2019. This was our second participation and the second time in a row that we won the award for best presentation, this time carried out by Kirsi Hassinen, our Business Unit Manager for Licencing, Qualification and Authority Requirements. The previous time, the award was won by our lead expert in Radioactive Waste Management and Technical Licensing Support, Tero Lytsy (2016).

Kirsi’s presentation was on the topic of from safety critical licensing and qualification work from the viewpoint of a long-term expert on the subject. The presentation included points on lessons learned and which ways the field should be developed in the future. This important subject was especially interesting when presented from the viewpoint of an expert and received great acclaim from the audience. When these lessons are incorporated into future activities, we can improve the safety and competitiveness of nuclear power by focusing on the correct activities and crafting clear rules of engagement.

Platom’s participation was not reliant on a single presentation, as we also delivered an interesting package on the utilization of machine learning in nuclear plant life management, presented by our nuclear engineering expert Herkko Pirkkalainen. As digitalization brings change to all industrial fields, it is important to study possible ways to utilize it in the nuclear industry as well. Herkko’s presentation included three case studies for the use of machine learning in processing large amounts of data; predictive maintenance, identification of measurement errors, and investment prioritization.

We thank all participants of SYP2019 for their interest and appreciation of our expertise and give warm congratulations to Kirsi for her success!