Platom is participating the IAEA event on SMRs and MRs

Published 21.02.2022

This week the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is organizing an event in the IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria. Platom’s Leading Expert Ville Nurmilaukas has been nominated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland to participate in this Technical Meeting on Instrumentation & Control and Computer Security for Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and Microreactors (MR).  

There will be Plenary Sessions and Working Group Sessions at the event. The Plenary Sessions are dedicated to invited speakers and related to the I&C and computer security thematic areas. The Working Group Sessions are dedicated to speakers who have submitted an abstract related to these topics. These sessions include panel and group discussions. The intention of this event is also to foster Member States’ cooperation and technical exchange on activities that have the potential to advance the safety and security of SMR/MRs. 

The SMRs and MRs have developed significantly during the past decade. They provide low carbon energy with more affordable and adaptable demands than traditional nuclear power plants. SMRs and MRs have simplified and compact designs with built-in passive safety systems. They need superior digital automation, adequate remote supervisory control and maintenance. In this meeting the focus is to offer an international platform for international experts to increase collaboration and information exchange for the I&C and computer security aspects 

We at Platom are delighted to be a part of this group of experts.

More information can be found from the IAEA’s website.