Platom has been chosen as FinNuclear’s Member of the Year 2021!!

Published 15.12.2021

We have gratefully received the award at the autumn meeting of FinNuclear Association on 13th of December. Platom has been chosen as member of the year 2021 with the support of FinNuclear staff and the chairman of the association. We were chosen due to our recent growth in the nuclear energy field and of our activity as a member. We are involved in e.g. at the Nordic Nuclear Forums, at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris and we are a part of the cluster at the Expo Dubai 2020 World Exhibition. We have also lectured at FinNuclear webinars. These are all great platforms to boost international awareness of our company’s services. 

Platom’s long-term goal is to grow. Growth requires that the company’s operations are organized in such a way that the conditions for growth always exist. Skilled and motivated employees are the cornerstones of our growth. We support the professional competence and development of our employees through training, seminars and enabling participation in many interesting customer projects. 

At Platom, courage means being able to assess the opportunities for growth collectively and seize them without forgetting the risks. Our courage enables us to grow and deepen our partnerships. In our customer relationships, we aim for partnerships that provide the greatest possible added value for both our customers and us. By strengthening cooperation with partners, we increase the amount of added value generated. A bold company is made up of employees who are not afraid to take on challenges. As a team, we support each other to better ourselves in professional development. 

We also want to thank our existing and new partners for excellent cooperation and look forward to an exiting future of continued partnerships. 

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