Platom in collaboration with VTT’s new project in fusion energy possibilities

Published 04.10.2021

Platom has the privilege of being one of the companies to participate in VTT’s new project on the possibilities of fusion energy. Platom’s vast knowledge in the field of licensing, qualification and authority requirements will be useful to this project. Collaborating with VTT and other members in this co-innovation project around ITER and fusion in general will bring many possibilities to the industry. 

The ITER Organization was established in 2007 and is an enormous undertaking to make the first large-scale fusion reactor to study the potential of fusion for routine energy production. VTT applies business research methods to investigate the innovation ecosystem around ITER, in order to identify an operations model that enables a quality leap for large but also small or medium enterprises. Cross-disciplinary research is the key element supporting the business goals of the project. Research includes topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, materials technology, power plant technology, fusion reactor physics as well as licensing and safety. 

The project, as part of the Finnish Ecosystem for Industrial Fusion Technology (ECO-Fusion), will allow Platom to create new services supported by a technical solution that will improve the competitiveness and diversity of the services, and expand them in current and new licensing environments. This is achieved by a new model for diligent management of various relations between e.g. authority requirements, quality management, management systems, licensing processes and necessary documents of a given field of engineering relevant to a certain type of technology, in this project particularly fusion, and the local supervising authority. 

We are really looking forward to the coming years and what we can achieve. Joining the network is already enabling opportunities that could be hard to reach without the common efforts from the partners and Business Finland. 

The consortium’s company partners with Platom are Comatec, EOS Finland and Luvata. The projects continue until 2024 and are funded by Business Finland, and in addition, the EU contributes significantly to the funding via the EUROfusion Consortium. There is a tight linkage of research activities to the FinnFusion Consortium. 

More information on the FinnFusion Consortium can be found on their webpage: