We are all in one boat – United by Chernobyl

Published 13.06.2019

Chernobyl – What comes to your mind of the word? A small town in Ukraine? Name of the popular TV series? Something bad that happened in the 80s? The worst nuclear accident ever to strike humankind?

It’s hard to be humble when you’re a Finn

Published 12.04.2019

Before my international relocation to the Middle East I used to work in a multi-cultural Nuclear Power Plant project in Finland. The company I worked for back then had around 15 different nationalities and the spoken language was English. I thought I knew what a multi-cultural working environment meant, but boy was I wrong!

Nuclear Power and the Fight against Climate Change

Published 23.10.2018

The recently published international climate report, which was widely discussed in media, paints a dismal picture of our future, unless we manage to control our greenhouse gas emissions. Most significantly, we need to control the emissions of the traffic and energy sectors. The role of renewable energy is stressed, but one must not forget the benefits of nuclear power in the fight against climate change.

Big Data, Machine Learning and the Future of Condition Monitoring

Published 05.07.2018

Big Data processing and machine learning have lately been popular topics in various publications and events. I see great potential benefits for the industry in these subjects, on various levels. Especially interesting is the use of Big Data processing an machine learning in condition monitoring. There are several different applications, but the goal is to optimize condition monitoring and move toward a more proactive or predictive maintenance, which also improves availability.

The Company’s New Clothes

Published 05.07.2018

Welcome to Platom’s new website. The site represents the zenith of a six-month long, arduous endeavor, which began late last autumn with the idea of an updated company Organization and Management System. As the project progressed it became clear that calling it an update was rather misdirecting, because in the end we wound up renewing almost everything. In this blog I will present the cornerstones, the foundations of our business.