Passionate About Solving Challenges

Published 04.11.2019

We make nuclear power both safer and more profitable. We utilize the experience we have gathered from this demanding field of industry and enable positive change in other industrial branches and research. Behind this force of change stand both our grizzled veteran experts and our younger, creative and innovative minds. Both are united in their passion to solve challenges.

Safer, More Cost-effective and Sustainable Solutions

We have participated in optimizing nuclear power operations in all phases of its life cycle, from design to decommissioning. With the help of Plant Life Management we aim to ensure that this life cycle is as long and as reliable as possible. Our engineers have helped our customers to find safer, more cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions. In addition to traditional design we utilize process modelling to control the risks in large an challenging projects.

Strong Expertise in The Nuclear Industry and Beyond

Our know-how has been gathered over decades from several different power plant and reactor types, both domestic and abroad. As many other disciplines, also EI&C-technology follows a certain set of codes and standards both in the nuclear industry as outside of it. However, authority requirements set stricter boundaries for EI&C in the nuclear industry. It is characteristic for our experts to bring together strong know how from both worlds. Also, while the operating environments are different between different reactor types, the same level of safety must still be achieved.

Radiation Safety Is Taken Into Account In All Activities

We have been following the development trends of the industry and new technologies for example in the field of radioactive waste management. This is an important subject for us, as we wish to do our part to ensure that radioactive waste does not become an unreasonable burden for coming generations. We naturally take radiation safety into account in all of our activities. With sufficient expertise, radiation safety risks are controllable even in difficult environments. We utilize this know-how also outside of the nuclear industry by offering radiation safety expert (STA) services for other industry branches and radiation users.