Customized Solutions for Demanding Environments

Published 04.11.2019

Our Equipment & System Deliveries team is brought together by a passion to create new and innovative solutions for challenges that do not have ready-made solutions. A typical equipment delivery project has its beginning in the modernization needs of an outdated system in a nuclear facility. The main challenges that our clients face is to find a technical solution that fulfills the requirements of today – which can be very different from the requirements of the time when the system was originally designed and constructed. On the other hand, when modernizing an older system there are often opportunities to include new technical properties which can improve performance, safety and user-friendliness.

Lower Implementation Costs and Lower Maintenance Costs

Platom is specialized in developing and delivering customized technical solutions for the demanding regulated environments of the nuclear industry. Ensuring safe operation is an integral part of the design and implementation of equipment and systems for the nuclear industry. Platom’s experienced engineers understand the principles of safety-centered design and document their work according to authority requirements. Often the goal is to find so called foolproof or passively safe solutions, which helps avoid the need of additional safety systems. As a result we have a piece of equipment or a system with operating principles that are simple and easy to understand, and which provides additional value to our customers through minimized production and maintenance costs.

Cuttin Edge Licensing With Over 20 Years of Experience

The safety standards of Finnish nuclear power plants are among the highest in the world. In addition for our top quality operators, utilitiesand Finnish integrity we have our regulator to thank. The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is renowned for its strict safety requirements. The requirements of the constantly reviewed and updated nuclear safety guides necessitate our licensees to search for new solutions when modernizing plant systems.

Anyone who works in the industry may have heard of the “nuclear fee”, or the additional costs incurred by the special requirements of the nuclear industry when compared to other industrial branches. One of the special advantages of Platom is the licensing expertise that has developed over our 20 years of experience in the field. With the help of this expertise Platom can complete challenging, safety classified equipment and system deliveries by focusing on the essential points of the licensing process. Our customers benefit from a smooth execution of delivery projects and a reduced “nuclear fee”.

The following cases are examples of how Platom has executed deliveries with innovative efficiency while still fulfilling safety requirements.