Licensing Management in the Hanhikivi 1-Project

Published 04.11.2019

Platom is part of the “new phase” of the Hanhikivi 1 project (Fennovoima’s nuclear new build project in Finland). Platom’s team of 16 experts has an important role in the construction licensing stage, by producing the preliminary safety analysis reports (PSARs) which are a major part of the licensing documentation. The PSARs are created by specifying the operations of the new nuclear power plant with sufficient detail to prove with clarity that safety requirements are fulfilled. At the same time, Platom’s experts make sure that the basic design is in line with best practises and experiences. The responsibility for the basic design remains with the lead designer (JSC Atomproekt), which eventually delivers the PSARs piece by piece to Fennovoima. Fennovoima, on the other hand, uses the PSAR documentation to conduct the construction license safety review.