Platom 2.0

Published 07.11.2019

During the last year we have taken several steps to develop our company. Our twenty year long history has seen us grow into a modern expert organization and have risen to one of the leading private nuclear expert companies due to our flexibility, independence and experience.

During 2019 we have updated our brand to better reflect what we are today. We built our new brand based on elements central to our business today; peace of mind, power of change and passion for excellence.

We are a courageous actor, always trying to find better, more efficient methods to serve our customers in a strictly regulated field. Safety is our chief governing factor; we strive to ensure that safe, emission free and sustainable energy production endures. We want to utilize our expertise in finding sustainable solutions for the most regulated environments in the world.

From now on we also present ourselves visually as a fresh, courageous and unique actor. We are not relinquishing our tried and true service models – instead we strive to improve customer experience while developing our business repertoire.

We warmly welcome You all to the Platom 2.0 journey!

LQA group picture
Group picture Mikkeli office
LQA group picture