Financial Statement: Strong revenue growth and improvement of profitability

Published 20.08.2020

Statement dated 20.8.2020

Platom Oy Financial Statement 1.1.–30.6.2020 (audited)

Strong revenue growth and improvement of profitability

Summary of accounting period (comparison to H1/2019):

  • Revenue was 3.5 (2.2) MEUR, growing by 55.9 % compared to H1/2019.
  • Operating margin was 490 (-48) kEUR, which equals 14.0 % (-2.1 %) of revenue.
  • Operating profit (EBIT) was 468 (-57) kEUR, which equals 13.4 % (-1.5 %) of revenue.
  • Headcount was 53 on average (51 on average in 2019)


Platom CEO Miika Puukko

The company has released a financial statement based on a shorter accounting period (6 months) in order to indicate to its stakeholders the impact that the large investments made in 2019 have had on revenue growth and the increase in profitability caused by recent measures taken to increase efficiency.

Company growth has been rapid during the last accounting period, with an increase of 56 % compared to the same period in 2019. The achieved growth indicates clearly that the investments in R&D, sales, organization, and administrative efficiency made in 2019 have been appropriate and effective. New service products have been launched and each has borne fruit.

The achieved development rate is a result of our personnel’s passionate attitude toward the status of nuclear power as a producer of carbon free baseload power and the harnessing of that passion to support the business of our customers. The company will continue on the current strategic path toward public stock market flotation in 2023.

I wish to personally thank all stakeholders and especially each employee; without your input none of this would have been possible.

Miika Puukko, CEO

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