Platom delivers spent nuclear fuel drying system for Posiva’s encapsulation plant

Julkaistu 16.11.2022

Platom has delivered a spent nuclear fuel drying system for Posiva’s encapsulation plant, where Posiva is the responsible licence holder. The project started in April 2020 and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) was successfully completed in October 2022 in close cooperation between the project teams of both organizations. Drying of nuclear fuel is essential part of the encapsulation process to ensure long term safety of nuclear fuel in the capsule.

“The Site Acceptance Test went very smoothly, and the drying system behaves exactly as planned. The system is rather complex from the licensing viewpoint because it includes parts that belong to Safety Class 2 and there are requirements from various YVL guidelines to be followed”, Platom’s Project Manager Janne Matilainen explains.

Assembly of the fuel rack to the drying chamber. Picture by Markus Forsberg (Posiva).

“It was a pleasure to work with Posiva’s talented experts in this challenging project. Together with my Platom colleague, EIC Chief Designer Matti Toikkanen, we want to say thank you to Posiva’s Project Manager Markus Forsberg, System Specialist Jarkko Tamminen and the whole team on both sides that contributed to the successful completion of the project”, Matilainen concludes.

Group photo

Site Acceptance Test ongoing. From left: System Specialist Jarkko Tamminen (Posiva), Project Manager Janne Matilainen (Platom), Project Manager Markus Forsberg (Posiva), EIC Chief Designer Matti Toikkanen (Platom).
Picture by Teemu Heiskaniemi (Posiva).