Platom Ltd. participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai

Julkaistu 08.11.2019

In 2020 United Arab Emirates will host the next World Expo in Dubai, one of the fastest growing technology capitals of the world. The Dubai Expo Fair will start in October 2020 and countries throughout the world are represented. Dubai and the whole UAE have been preparing for Dubai Expo 2020 for several yeas already, and on-going projects in the region include the construction of the entire Expo area, a whole new metro line and several new architectural wonders.

Dubai Expo 2020 area

Sheikh Zayed Museum of the Future is an ring shaped architectural miracle in the heart of Dubai (picture: CNN Travel) 

Each of the 192  participating countries will have their own pavilion where they will showcase the unique features and the best innovations of their country. Among these countries, Finland will have our own dedicated pavilion at the fair. Not to spoil the surprise, but Ill tell you that Finlands tent will focus on the future and on the special characteristics of our country and our nation, One of these is the fact, that in April 2019 Finland was selected as the happiest country in the world for the second time in a row. Who wouldnt want to visit the tent of the happiest country of the world! 

Main organizer of the Finlands Dubai Expo presence is Business Finland. The national partners and key partners of the event include some of the biggest Finnish companies and we Finnish  nuclear power companies are lucky to be considered as one of the key partners of the event. The leading nuclear expert companies in Finland have combined their forces, and will represent at the Expo as a cluster of Finnish Nuclear Companies called Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions Finland.

Along with a new look and a new web service platform, Platom Ltd also has a whole new, ambitious strategy. We want to become the power of a viable tomorrow by colliding passionate growing minds, so that You can get the all the nuclear expertise You need from one single company. This strategy, as stated, means expanding our business abroad and in short – conquering the world. Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions has been established in order to bring the Finnish nuclear expertise for everyone in the world to see and Platom Oy will naturally be part of this nuclear coalition. You can read more and check the participating companies from the coalitions web page

I have written earlier about the excellence of Finns. Along with our in-born qualities that make us excellent business partners, we are also uniquely qualified when it comes to nuclear. Did you know that: 

  • Finland has the longest proceeding spent nuclear fuel final disposal program? Finland has started the construction of the final depository already 2 years ago, and it is planned to be completed and operational in 2020s 1). 
  • Finland is one of the only Western countries with on-going new build projects, one of them being a greenfield site 2). 
  • Even though we only have 4 operating units, the average annual load factors of Finnish operating Nuclear Power Plants are constantly been among the highest of the world, exceeding 90 % almost every year 3,4)  
  • Finland is considered to have one of the strictest nuclear regulators in the world STUK. STUK has a subsidiary company, STUK International Ltd, which helps to establish nuclear legislation in new nuclear countries. 

All this expertise is at Your disposal, and in October 2020 we will be there to present it to the world at the Expo 2020 Dubai World Fair.  

Please join us on the road to Expo 2020 Dubai, and follow our updates on the progress of the Finnish Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions