The Company’s New Clothes

Published 05.07.2018

Welcome to Platom’s new website. The site represents the zenith of a six-month long, arduous endeavor, which began late last autumn with the idea of an updated company Organization and Management System. As the project progressed it became clear that calling it an update was rather misdirecting, because in the end we wound up renewing almost everything. In this blog I will present the cornerstones, the foundations of our business.

Platom’s vision for 2023 is “Trusted Partner in Demanding Regulated Environments“. We operate in demanding regulated environments, such as the Nuclear Energy Industry. It is imperative for our business to continually improve ourselves in order to meet all the requirements across the entire life cycle of demanding projects. The bar is set high, and it keeps rising ever higher.

Our base value is 1+1>2. What this means is that in all our interactive operations we give more than we receive. This applies to all our stakeholders, since only by applying this value can we guarantee continuous growth. In this, our personnel is in a key position. The added value that is produced culminates in the investment that the company places in its personnel, and the value that the personnel produces in return. We return a fair share of the added value back to our personnel as gratitude for services rendered.

We aim for continuous growth. This requires a vigilance to react systematically and purposefully to any needs that arise. Growth always means stepping outside one’s comfort zone, both for a single person and for a company. We support the growth of our employees, because as the experience of our employees grows, so does that of the company as a whole.

We have chosen a field of business that requires courage. Courage on an individual level to fulfill the requirements of the field, but especially collective courage to work together to find solutions to multilayered and demanding challenges. We make important decisions together and support each other with our individual strengths.

Platom, as a company, makes sure that needs of our clients are met in a responsible way. Responsibility means purposefulness, safety, environmental consideration, and caring for individuals. We shoulder our civic responsibility by growing our business and investing in the welfare of our personnel.

From these foundations we push toward future challenges. Platom has a relaxed atmosphere, even though the field of industry might seem quite conservative at a glance. If you are interested in Platom as an employer, do not hesitate to contact me. I guarantee that we offer a good workplace with interesting situations and challenges for job seekers who are courageous and hungry for growth.

I write this blog from our new office in Hermia, Tampere, which was opened without ceremony on June 6th. From now on, I will be using the Hermia office as my base of operations and I welcome all interested parties to visit and get to know our new office.


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