Platom and Omnia Education Partnerships jointly organize new International Training Programs for Nuclear and Radiological Leadership and Management.

  • Trainings have been designed for leaders, directors and managers to develop their skills and knowledge on leadership and management in organizations involved in nuclear and radiological operations.
  • Trainings follow the curriculum and standards of the Finnish National Agency for Education .
  • Participants get an internationally recognized diploma after graduation.
  • Combination of on-line & on-site training, mentoring, workshops, and peer-learning.
  • No travelling required for course participants.

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Core Contents

  • Leadership and management
  • Organizational culture for safety and security
  • Management system
  • Management relations
  • Internal and external communications
  • Corporate safety and security
  • Procurement and control of the supply chain

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Who should participate?

Participant Profile


Principal teachers

Profile picture of Toivo Kivirinta

Toivo Kivirinta

Toivo has over 15 years of experience in safety related positions in a nuclear operating organization. He has worked several years as a Training Manager at a nuclear power plant and participated in IAEA’s OSART (Operational Safety Review Team) missions and WANO’s (World Association of Nuclear Operators) peer reviews, both as a reviewer and a plant peer.

Photo of J Mononen

Jouko Mononen

Jouko has 38 years of experience on the regulatory oversight of constructing and operation of nuclear facilities. His experience covers technical areas of nuclear safety as well as organizational and human issues. He has worked for the Finnish Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority (STUK) in several Finnish and international projects and missions (e.g. with the IAEA).

Profile picture of Hanna Tuovinen

Hanna Tuovinen

Hanna works as a qualified radiation safety expert and has over 15 years of experience on the use of radiation from the industry and research point of view. She has been working at the Finnish Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority (STUK) and her experience covers emergency preparedness activities, nuclear materials, industrial applications, and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). She has also participated in several domestic and international co-operation projects (e.g. with the IAEA).

Training brochures

Contact us and let’s plan a training tailored especially for Your organization’s needs!

Profile picture of Hanna Tuovinen

Leading Radiation Expert

Hanna Tuovinen


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Business Unit Director

Joel Maunula

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