Training services

Platom supports your company’s skills development and competence management with wide-range training services and consulting services in the nuclear energy sector.

We offer both ready-made training packages and tailor-made options to suit each of our customers’ needs. We also offer seminars and organize new International Training Programs for Nuclear and Radiological Leadership and Management jointly with Omnia.

Our objective is to maintain and update your company’s nuclear field know-how so that we can, together, build vital energy solutions that ensure a safer tomorrow.

Examples of the trainings we offer:

Examples of trainings

In addition to these training services, we offer consulting on competence management solutions in the nuclear field.

Our trainer profile:

Platom Oy’s trainers are experts who have been involved in various nuclear projects. We have experience from all Finnish nuclear power plants, from all stages of the plant’s life cycle.

We hold trainings in Finnish and English, both domestically and internationally. Our trainings can be carried out virtually or on site, considering the limitations of the COVID19-pandemic.

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Marianne Helenius henkilökuva

Training Manager

Marianne Helenius

Training services