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One of the major downsides of nuclear power is the radioactive waste produced as a byproduct, some of which is very long-lived. We at Platom want to be involved in ensuring that the negative environmental impact of safe nuclear energy is as low as reasonably possible. Improving radwaste management does not necessarily require significant investments, as long as the selected radwaste management methods are suitable for the operating environment. Platom’s Radwaste Management service includes a wide array of expert services:

RadWaste services

Our Radwaste experts can support our customers e.g. with the following:

  • Diverse studies and design support, e.g. feasibility studies
  • Technical specifications and requirement specifications
  • Procedural guides and staff training
  • Support for radwaste management equipment and system deliveries

All radwaste development efforts focus on improving safety, cost efficiency, or reducing environmental impact. In the best case all three aspects can be improved. Our actions are guided by the principle that we wish to do our part to ensure that the world will be at least as good a place to live in for future generations.

Platom has decades of experience with radwaste expert projects both in Finland and internationally. We have provided our services both to nuclear facilities, research facilites and conventional industrial installations. We have gathered know-how of all phases of the plant lifecycle; from design and licensing to operation, decommissioning and dismantling. We constantly follow up on the newest developments in the industry and in radwaste management technologies, in order to provide our customers with up-to-date expertise.

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