Competitive advantage

Our experts are experienced in radioactive waste management methods both in Finland and abroad, and both in nuclear power plants, research facilities and other industry branches. For over 20 years this know how has been gathered from all phases of the plant life cycle, from licensing planning to operational optimization to decommissioning. We constantly follow the development of this field and its technologies with interest, so we can always offer topical expertise to our customers.

Why we do it

Our experts are available for studies, design, creation of technical documentation or guides, and equipment deliveries. All improvements we suggest are aimed at improving the safety, cost- efficiency or environmental impact of radioactive waste management. The basis for our service is the desire to do our part to make sure that future generations get to enjoy at least as good an Earth as we have.

Added value

The most significant downside of nuclear power is the long term radioactive waste it generates. We want to help ensure that the waste encumbrance of safe nuclear power generation is as small as possible. Making radwaste management more effective does not necessarily mean significant investments, as long as the chosen solutions are suitable to the operating environment.

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