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Platom’s Radiation Safety services include a wide array of expert work related to radiation safety and protection, different studies, advisory work, staff training and other assistance as requested by our customers. Our radiation safety experts can support our customers e.g. with the following:

  • Radiation Safety Expert (RSE / STA) service
  • Assessment of requirement compliance
  • Safety advice for use of radiation, including transport of radioactive substances (Safety Advisor / TNA)
  • Radiation protection planning
  • Staff training on the subjects of radiation safety and protection
  • Assessment of the impact of radiation, shielding calculation and design in equipment or system deliveries
  • Radiation safety and protection assessments for radwaste management
  • Advice and studies related to naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)

Our experts combine a strong theoretical background with hands-on know-how, which allows us to look at the big picture and understand what it means on the ground level. We can offer our services with a wide scope to the nuclear industry, research facilities, the mining industry, and other radiation users.

Radiation is a good servant but a bad master. With sufficient expertise and engineering know-how, radiation conditions can be made safe even in demanding environments. The use of radiation is strictly controlled by regulatory oversight, but the end goal is to ensure the safety of both employees and the population in all situations. Our strong theoretical background, hands-on experience and understanding of regulations allow us to undesrtand radiation safety from all relevant viewpoints. From the projects we have successfully completed over the years, we have achieved a level of know-how that ensures that each of our customers can be assigned experts that can fulfill our customers needs. The safety of our customers always comes first.

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