Competitive advantage

Platom has extensive experience in thermal hydraulic process modelling. We use the versatile APROS-software, which enables us to also perform dynamic simulations. We utilize our know-how of different power plants and reactor types and the problem solving skills of our experts to produce the best possible results.

Why we do it

Process modelling is an important part of high quality design and engineering work, ensuring safety and operability, and optimizing costs. With the help of process modelling it is possible to analyse whether a process could operate more effectively, what kind of modernization would be most cost-effective, and whether the power plant will operate safely even in abnormal conditions. Process modelling is most of all a quality control tool, which can be used to ensure cost efficiency, safety and compliance with regulations.

Added value

Well planned is half done – well modelled is very well planned. By modelling we can ensure in advance that the design choices will work even in practise. When a modernization or modification project can be completed in the best possible way in one go, there are significant savings both from a cost and schedule perspective.

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