Service Description

Platom’s Plant Life Management service includes expert duties related to nuclear facility life cycle management and ageing management. Some of the tasks and projects included in this service are:

  • Different studies supporting nuclear facility lifecycle management, investment planning and long term operation planning
  • Design and implementation of an ageing management process that complies with Finnish regulations (YVL A.8)
  • Identifying ageing mechanisms and producing ageing management programmes on a system and equipment level
  • Aqcuisition of relevant equipment data for ageing management, including data management and database updates
  • Analysis of the sufficiency of maintenance and condition monitoring activities
  • Development projects related to ageing management and maintenance, such as assessment of requirement compliance and maintenance optimization
  • Staff training on topics related to plant life management and ageing management

The service team includes experts from several techical disciplines. Together with our customer we always define a suitable composition for each project team. Our largest asset is the availability of an extensive and multidisciplinary company-wide expertise. This allows us to take on both broad-scope projects and projects addressing singular, specific expertise-requiring issues.

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