Competitive advantage

Platom’s Plant Life Management team delivers flexible services for the different needs and situations of our clients. We always customize our service package depending on the situation. Our team can also include know-how from other parts of our organization whenever necessary.


Why we do it

The Plant Life Management service can be carried out in several different ways, for example as feasibility studies, reviews, data acquisition and verification, or as documentation production. The main goal of our team is to help our customers to ensure the coverage, functionality and requirement compliance of their plant life management methods. The ultimate goal is to take part in the ensuring of long-term safe and cost effective operability of nuclear power plants.

Added value

Plant Life Management is an important aspect in nuclear power plant availability, but the authorities also place requirements on it from a nuclear safety viewpoint. Our experts are well versed in both the authority requirements and the production of high quality technical documentation. In addition to ensuring requirement compliance, plant life management can achieve direct economic benefit by for example increasing maintenance efficiency by optimizing the timing of maintenance activities and maximizing the lifetime of individual components. In the long run this equals significant cost savings.

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