Tailored solutions for Nuclear safety and optimization

We utilize the long experienceand proven good practises of our organization and combine them with an agile and flexible business model. This way, we can quickly respond to customer needs. We aim to establish a low threshold communication with our customers, so that the end result of our projects always meets with the requirements of our customers. We customize our project teams to make sure all of the necessary expertise is made available.

Methods of Implementation

As a Projects

We assemble a suitable project team, which conducts the project in the agreed scope and schedule, producing the desired end result (for example an expert report, a study, an analysis report or oather documentation).

As a Service

The service model aims to fulfill customer needs through a continuous service. This includes a low communication threshold with our service team, who fulfills customer needs in the scope of the service contract. This model enables even smaller needs to be fulfilled without larger bureaucracy, and is also the main implementation method of our support activities.

As a Supported Resource

The resource support model delivers one or more of our experts directly into the customer’s organization to fill a temporary resource or expertise void. We can offer either single individuals or customized teams of experts for resource support.

Our Experts

Business Development Specialist

Vesa Laitinen

RadWaste Management
Plant Life Management

Expert – Process Modelling & Safety Analyses

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Expert – Electrical and Nuclear engineering

Leading Expert RadWaste

Tero Lytsy

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
RadWaste Management

Expert – Radiation Safety and Nuclear Engineering

Expert – Process Engineering

Taina Salminen

Design & Engineering
Radiation Safety

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Expert – Chemical and radiation safety

Leading Radiation Expert

Hanna Tuovinen

Radiation Safety
RadWaste Management


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Plant Safety & Optimization

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