Nuclear Engineering and Expert Services

Platom’s nuclear experts serve our customers in a flexible manner across a multidisciplinary field of expertise. We focus on providing solutions – we aim to provide our customers with the right kind of expertise necessary to find the right solutions for each project. Together with our customer, we define the necessary expertise, and tailor the project team composition accordingly. It is important to us that our common goals are achieved, so we strive for a low communication threshold with all our customers. Please contact us if you have any nuclear engineering related problem or challenge that needs solving!

The Plant Safety & Optimization unit conducts expert services in several areas of expertise. Some of our specialized services that have been developed over the years have their own webpages which can be found via the links below.

Our Experts

Profile picture of Vesa Laitinen

Business Development Specialist

Vesa Laitinen

RadWaste Management
Plant Life Management

Profile picture of Tomi Pakarinen

Expert – Process Modelling & Safety Analyses

Profile picture of Herkko Pirkkalainen

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Profile picture of Tero Lytsy

Leading Expert RadWaste

Tero Lytsy

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
RadWaste Management

Profile picture of Petri Koivunen

Expert – Radiation Safety and Nuclear Engineering

Profile picture of Kimmo Hilden

Expert – Nuclear Engineering

Photo of Hanna Tuovinen

Leading Radiation Expert

Hanna Tuovinen

Radiation Safety
RadWaste Management

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Business Unit Director

Joel Maunula

Plant Safety & Optimization

+358 50 575 1372