Expertise of Nuclear Licensing, Qualification & Authority Requirements

We help our customers and partners to identify and schedule the correct processes for nuclear specific regulations and to deal with them in a qualified and once-through manner. We assist in the process of seeking regulator approvals, project specific licensing planning, qualification and the production of licensing documentation. We also conduct independent reviews and audits.

We have an experienced group of experts, who employ all technical disciplines together with management and quality control methods to ensure that nuclear specific regulations are managed according to good safety culture principles. We also readily organize training courses for supply chain members on the subjects of nuclear specific requirements, to ensure all parties can live up to the required standards. We can help ensure that high quality documentation is produced in a timely fashion and that it fulfills all relevant requirements.

Our Experts

Profile picture of Tero Lytsy

Leading Expert RadWaste

Tero Lytsy

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
RadWaste Management

Profile picture of Maria Nordlund

Senior Expert – Licensing, Qualification and Authority Requirements

Leading Specialist – Hoist and Transfer Equipment

Urpo Sarajärvi

Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification

Senior Expert, Electrical Engineering and Qualification

Terhi Hintukainen

Electrical Engineering
Finnish Nuclear Specific Regulations
Qualification of Electrical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants

Profile picture of Vesa Laitinen

Senior Expert – Construction Technology

Vesa Hiltunen

Management of Nuclear Specific Procedures
Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
Design & Engineering (Civil)

Profile picture of Pekka Pihlanko

Expert – Nuclear and I&C Engineering

Profile picture of Sami Kiviluoto

Senior Expert – I&C

Senior Expert – I&C

Profile picture of Toivo Kivirinta

Leading Expert – Safety

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Business Unit Director

Kirsi Hassinen

Safety Analyses & Independent Reviews
Management of Nuclear Specific Procedures
Technical Support for Licensing & Qualification
Management of Project Specific Licensing

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