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Platom is specialized in delivering uranium hexafluoride (UF 6) handling and sampling systems for the needs of the nuclear fuel industry. During the last 20 years we have solved challenges relating to uranium handling for our customers through nearly 30 autoclave deliveries.

The main benefit of our sophisticated autoclave technology is the quicker process cycle based on effective heat transfer. Our technology is simultaneously compatible with several different types of UF 6 cylinders (for example ANSI 48 and 30B). These properties create additional value for our customers in the form of shorter process cycles and smaller investment costs.

Our autoclave systems are also designed to be safe to operate in seismic areas, and each product is customized according to customer needs. In the design and delivery phase, we use multidisciplinary know-how to meet all safety- and quality requirements related to uranium handling as well as the aspects of licensing, qualification authority requirements, plant safety and optimization. Our entire organization is available to support our design team and this guarantees an excellent basis for customized equipment design and delivery. In addition to the autoclaves, our solutions also include cooling and cylinder handling systems, which are seamlessly integratable to other facility systems. Platom’s complete solution guarantees an easy transaction for our customer, via one provider.


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