- Design and licensing of I&C and control rooms design
- Project management

My most essential knowledge areas are the I&C design, control rooms design, licensing and project management. In the nuclear domain I love endless chances to learn new and develop my abilities. My educational background is Master of Science in Engineering (mechanical and computer sciences). Current title is Senior Expert, I&C

I will contribute in the activities related to

· I&C design
· Control room design
· I&C architectures
· Testing and commissioning of the systems
· Licensing and qualification of the design/equipment
· Equipment deliveries
· Project engineering, project managemen


I have experience from the wide range of major projects in Finland and elsewhere, including also international standardization work and R&D activities for over 15 years. These include e.g. Loviisa NPP I&C and control rooms renewal, Olkiluoto 4 preparation and bidding project, and currently ongoing Hanhikivi-1 project. Major experience is also received of working with European Utility Requirements (EUR) projects, including developing the NPP procurement requirements with large variety of different actors, and assessment of NPP technical concepts for several commercially available plant designs. During my career I have practised Apros-modellind, commissining and test operations of various power plants, as well as designing, commissioning and tuning of various advanced control concepts.