Vesa works as a Senior Expert in Civil Engineering and Construction Technology at Platom, providing expertise for projects which require specialized knowledge of civil structures, their construction, maintenance or decommissioning, or the nuclear specific regulations related to buildings and structures. His main areas of expertise are:
• Civil Engineering, work site supervision and monitoring
• Finnish regulations for nuclear power plant licensing, PSAR / FSAR
• Building and construction permitting


Mr. Hiltunen has extensive experience in managing and supervising civil works at nuclear power plants. He has been involved in the development of licensing documentation and correspondence with regulators, including the planning of permitting with local authorities.
He has also acted as a system responsible, for several safety classified nuclear power plant buildings and the low and intermediate level nuclear waste repository.
FISE Qualifications of Professionals in Building, HVAC and Real Estate Sector in Finland as follows:
• Site manager of concrete works, new buildings, exceptionally difficult class
• Site manager of concrete repair works