Tuomas has worked in different roles with nuclear power and radioactive materials since 2004, from a blue-collar worker to lobbying the Radiation Act. His work has enabled him to constantly learn new things and the wide variety of challenging jobs have been very rewarding, be it planning for yearly maintenance, influencing a new law or forming an expert report of safe disposal of a hazardous chemical.

M. Sc. Plant Design, Chemical Engineering


Tuomas worked for the Talvivaara mine for 13 years. His tasks included piloting bioleaching in greenfield project, dimensioning the production process, working as a project manager for the plants and installation supervision, and later the leader of REACH-registering and research projects. As an expert Tuomas has participated in planning of recovery of uranium, stakeholder work, SEVESO III safety planning and environmental permit projects. He has also worked as a project manager in water treatment projects and as an expert in NORM-materials, disposal of ore containing acidic water and commenting new waste and radiation laws. Tuomas brings a wide understanding of chemistry, project management expertise and safety management experience to Platom.
• Chemistry, toxicology and occupational hygiene
• Process and plant design
• Project management and installations
• Radiation safety
• Waste management and disposal
• Stakeholder work
• Licencing management
• Management systems