Niina has vast experience in development, licensing and quality roles in the nuclear industry in Finland and internationally. During her career she has worked, among other positions, as a Head of Authority Procedures, task management and R&D in a Finnish nuclear company. In addition to this, she has been involved in different quality management system development and evaluation projects. Before joining Platom, Niina worked at nuclear companies in the Middle East in continuous improvement roles. She has wealth of experience of different continuous improvement measures including operational experience, academic degrees and avoidance of human errors. Niina has worked as a project manager in several projects such as construction licence application and different development projects. At Platom Niina works as a Senior Expert in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety focusing on project management, sales and marketing.


Niina has nearly 10 years of experience in nuclear industry in development, licensing and quality. In addition to Finnish nuclear industry she has experience in an international nuclear project.