Coming from the deep forests of North Karelia, Eetu has grown to be a specialist of electric engineering in the nuclear industry. Eetu is fascinated by the diversity of nuclear industry, such as the opportunity to combine his electrical expertise with nuclear engineering. Indeed, at Platom Eetu has been working as an electrical engineering expert in the Plant Life Management -team and preliminary report projects. The Plant Life Management -team produces solutions for plant life management for our customers such as ageing management programs and ageing evaluations. In the preliminary report projects initial modification work design is done, such as researching different solutions from different suppliers to replace an old device.

M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, Electrical Grids


Eetu dipped his toes in nuclear engineering in 2013 working in radiation protection at a nuclear power plant. Eetu joined Platom in 2017 joining the Plant Life Management -team and has worked as an EI&C expert ever since then. At the same time, he has specialized in technological ageing management of nuclear plants of which he did his master’s thesis in 2018. Eetu has also been involved in preliminary report projects as an expert and in project management.